In order for a website to be successful, it must provide easy navigation, a decent visual design and must not take too long to load. In this article, we will explain the 3 elements of a perfect website that allow it to be easily navigated by users.

  1. Simple Navigation

Navigation is the only thing you want your users to concentrate on when they are navigating through your website so never overcomplicate it. Your navigation must be simple and easy to understand.

Your navigation should always be reflected in your design, if possible match colors with your logo.

Try not to go overboard with lots of images and different fonts but instead go for simplicity which allows visitors to navigate quickly without getting confused. If there are more than 3-4 items in your navigation bar, you may want to reconsider which items are essential for the user to navigate.

  1. Visual Design

Make your site visually appealing by keeping design simple, clean, and minimalistic. Don’t overuse animations/transitions as these are known to slow down user experience for some users. We recommend you keep any javascript on the page to a minimum because these can have adverse effects on web crawlers that visit your site, therefore search engines will believe they are irrelevant or spammy links. 

  1. Web Friendly

It’s important to be able to share your content easily on social media, blogs, and other sites. This article has included some great tips on increasing website traffic, both organically and with PPC (pay per click).

1.- Your host provides low-cost or free graphical web design or template options. 2.- If you’re on a budget, don’t waste your money paying an expensive person to create your logo; look online for logo creator software programs that will allow you the opportunity to choose the perfect logo for you. 3.-Next, consider applying CSS (cascading style sheets) to make your text more visually appealing. 4.- Don’t forget about title tags! Title tags are what search engine spiders see first


When you’re having a website built, there are many factors that should be taken into account – one of them being its appearance or how it looks overall. Without this factor, users might not be able to judge your overall site’s quality which leads them to leave without checking anything else about your content. If they do look around more though, there are high chances they’ll find something good about your site if done right – but still, they won’t visit until you have a-designed site first.

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