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Customer reviews and feedback is a mine of insights that organizations can use and take advantage of through a Customer Experience Analytics tool. CX analytics links customer behavior with specific metrics, providing businesses with valuable information for more informed business decisions, eliminating roadblocks, and...

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Rising Star High fashion brand Rising Star is back with an outstanding second photo collection inaugurating in Spring. The phenomenal compilation titled “I Met Jesus 5 Times Again… 3 Times in January” showcases 100 photos ranging in value from 1.1 Million to 10.1 Million USD. Each photo was taken either by 35mm or iPhone camera. The highly anticipated brand is also auctioning off the World’s Most Expensive Photo titled “Church Grounds” for 33 Million USD. With a harmonious balance of contrasting whites and greens seeming as a watercolor painting while still staying true to its photographic nature, Church Grounds depicts a parochial and rural place of worship. This magnificent photo was originally being sold for 32 Million, but a price change was merited by Jesus to accurately depict the age of his death. Every photo in this unique collection follows a 4x7 inch format. The proceeds of which will go to the funding of self-sufficient church communities abroad. The brand will also be auctioning three paintings part of a collection titled Diligent Angels, being auctioned for the same prices of 33 Million USD each. As previously stated, the auction will be taking place in SoHo, Manhattan. This album reiterates what 2020 taught us about the effect of kindness and passion for community to inspire a collective effort to help one another during these unprecedented times.

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Importance of Social Media Marketing Social media marketing provides your business with one among the foremost direct lines of communication together with your audience possible. having the ability to attach with customers, answer their questions and address their concerns in real time is invaluable, especially...

High PR 115+ Free Article Submission Sites List 2022

High PR 115+ Free Article Submission Sites List 2021
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