Customer reviews and feedback is a mine of insights that organizations can use and take advantage of through a Customer Experience Analytics tool. CX analytics links customer behavior with specific metrics, providing businesses with valuable information for more informed business decisions, eliminating roadblocks, and ultimately shaping product or service improvement.

One free and readily available online tool that can provide rich customer feedback is Google Review Data. Through Google Review Data Integration into a customer experience analytic tool, any organization can leverage the information available not only about the organization but that of competition.

By creating a Google Review Data Analysis, utilize customer reviews and feedback to get the pulse of customers, understand what they love about the business, the service, or the product. Through the same narrative, feedback get the big picture and tabulates recurring problems and complaints, customer pain points, and areas for improvement. On the same note, establish the business strengths, advantages and best practices that must be continued.

Google Review also allows customers to share photos and videos, and through analysis, unearth trends and patterns to understand what customers enjoy the most to enhance their experience further and introduce product enhancement. This also gives businesses opportunity to establish signature images that will strongly represent the product or brand.

Restaurants can leverage on contributed images to position signature dishes, specialties and more. With these images, the culinary team can easily make minor adjustments to make dishes more photogenic and social media-worthy for more traction.  By highlighting and creating a signature location for guests, businesses can create a signature image of the venue or destination which is a major appeal in the social media realm.

Another great advantage of the insights provided by google reviews include reports on how clients use the platform to contact the business such as the number of times customer use the google business page to call the business or access the website, get directions and drive distance. With its current update, businesses are now able to post updates and promotions, especially for certain types of industry such as restaurants and retail.

Delivering more opportunities for organizations to unearth information. For companies that are consistently on the business page, Google also allows messaging options, yet another avenue to not only directly connect with customers but also get information on the organization’s most requested services or information.

Given available information and analysis through this public channel combined with other business and customer data available through different touchpoints such as Customer Service Data and Records, website activities, preferences and interests, Demographics, Price Sensitivity, Returns, Store Visits, CRM & POS Data you will have a rich information source. What remains to be done is integrate all information that will deliver usable business insights from all these data.

Combining all this information through a customer experience analytics tool, dive deep to uncover and understand the critical factors that can influence the organization to improve customer experience, offer better products and services, elevate brand equity, and ultimately increase revenue.


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