Selenium is one of the most widely used open-source tools for automating web UI testing. It supports website automation across all browsers, platforms, and programming languages.

Career opportunities at Selenium

With the proliferation of web applications, Selenium is increasingly in demand and students are going for selenium courses online. Over the past few years, the use of Selenium has expanded significantly and has become a mainstay of many companies’ operations; in the field of web application testing, Selenium has become one of the best tools to support automated testing services.

Skills required for a Selenium expert

Not everyone can perform all the tests. That said, if you meet certain requirements, you can pass certain tests. You’ll also need some basic information to sign up for the test. Below is a list of skills that a candidate must have to pass the Selenium exam.

  • Architecture Testing
  • Test Planning
  • Performance Testing
  • Configuration Management
  • Manual testing and communication skills
  • Communication between teams
  • Problem-solving
  • Agile, DevOps, and continuous delivery

Selenium expert roles and responsibilities

Getting Selenium certified is not an end in itself. It means that Selenium experts have to perform certain roles and responsibilities, and since Selenium is in high demand, the role of a Selenium expert is quite demanding and requires proper training and experience.

The best Selenium certifications

Certification will not only raise your profile but also prove your expertise. Certifications can also increase the value of your resume as they will enable you to be more organized and think strategically as a long-term visionary. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of certification bodies available to Selenium professionals. These certification bodies provide training to help you better understand Selenium. However, you should keep in mind that the certification should match your profile and level.

Python is an open-source high-level programming language. Python is widely considered one of the easiest programming languages for a beginner to learn. Nowadays python programming is very flexible for starting your career in the software field. Learn Python Courses online with us to become a certified Python Developer.

Employment Opportunities in python:

  1. Python Programming Language Application developer
  2. Python Developer
  3. Python with PHP Developer
  4. Backend Developer


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