Items have to go through different phases and environmental conditions during shipping. Therefore, shipping companies use dunnage in order to provide extra protection to items during handling and transport.

Physical Protection

Packages have to go through a long and complicated process during shipping in order to reach the destination. Dunnage provides adequate protection when the parcels are sliding across ships, trains, or trucks. It is usually cheap but can help to protect fragile, loose, and valuable items.
Shock Absorption

When you ship the products, they can slide around, get squished, or dropped, which can cause a collision and lead to vibration or shock. When you use dunnage properly, it absorbs shock and can help to prevent damage.

Moisture Protection

Moisture can be harmful to products. Depending on the location where you are shipping the product, you need to handle the product satisfactorily. The right dunnage can help you protect valuable items from moisture when shipping.

Air Circulation

Shippers use dunnage when packaging items in order to ensure proper air circulation in big closed compartments like washing machines or refrigerator holds. It also helps to keep the packages separated.

Weight Distribution

Shipping bigger and heavy items like a couch is usually difficult as such products are difficult to manage. Therefore, to ensure easy management during transport and shipping, shippers use wooden dunnage to distribute the weight of items. It helps to easily carry and handle heavy items.

Under The Umbrella

Dunnage is profoundly essential for shippers and for eCommerce retailers to manage the safety of the products. It is better to choose dunnage according to the type of products you are shipping. There are different types of dunnage you can use to ensure that the product reaches safely to the customers.

When choosing the right dunnage option, consider the type of product, its weight, packing options, and shipment method. If you are planning to outsource logistics to a third-party logistics company, make sure to ask them about the dunnage options they use. Right dunnage can help you to deliver the products safely to the customers without any damage.


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