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The best and ideal way to know if you will join government service is to consult an expert astrologer. Kundli jyotish has a panel of eminent astrologers that guide you to understand what your career will be like.

However, we have some tips to predict how the amounts will determine whether you will have a government job or not.

The combination of planets, houses and planets in your horoscope plays an important role in securing administrative positions in the government.

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How to get a job as per astrology in the 10th house in horoscope

Sun is placed in the 3rd House. (Govt. jobs related to travel or media)

The sun is in the 4th house (Rahu). The native gets a job under the government, which is related to tax or property. Due to this placement, the person will be greedy and avaricious.

Sun has its placement in the sixth house. This is a favorable position for people who are looking for government jobs related to legal service.

Sun is in the 8th house, government jobs related to archaeology or research and development are indicated. The native may be a scientist or a technical expert.

The sun in the 12th house indicates a government job in jail, prison, or hospital.

Mars and Sun are placed in the 10th House.

Other planets including Mars, Moon, Sun and Jupiter should be highly helpful and have a positive impact on the tenth house.

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Is a government job in your horoscope?

You may be curious to know if your horoscope sign mentions a government job. Vedic astrology tells you when you will join government service:

  • Sun has its placement in the 10th house (Sun in 12th house government job).
  • Sun has its placement in the 10th house and is aspected by planet Mars, which means it makes the native lucky, famous, wealthy, and strong.
  • Sun has its placement in the 10th house, which is either his own or a friendly sign.
  • Sun is placed in the second house and aspects the tenth lord. This makes it more likely that there will be a government job related to some sort of secret agency.
  • There is an aspect of Jupiter on the Sun.

How can a Level 1 government official be?

A level government office is the senior most bureaucrat with high pay scales, countless allowances and extremely job security. To get this post, the position of the Sun, Leo, 5th house and 10th house relationship, 10th house planet, running the condition at the time of joining plus this combination needs to be strengthened.

Since professionals belonging to this creamy layer enjoy a life the size of the king, their horoscopes will have powerful Jupiter, Mercury, Sun and Moon in the centre and tricona, which will give Raj Yoga. It also promises high levels of intelligence, decision-making power, self-respect and a balanced mind.

Is your horoscope stating raj yoga?

You can have one-to-one sessions with our astrologers to know the planetary positions as well as read the zodiac signs. Apart from knowing the predictions of his career, astrologers will also advise experts to overcome obstacles if a professional is blocking success.

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