What is a key-logger?

Keylogger is an excellent hacking method to easily track any person’s various social media accounts and online activities. Recording every text typed on a person’s keyboard without the person’s knowledge in the form of a log file is called keylogger or keystroke logging. It is most commonly used to know the user name and password of someone’s account.

That is, suppose someone has set a key logger on your personal computer, now. Every button you press on your key board will be passed to the person who set up the key logger.

Also, a parent uses key loggers to keep an eye on their child, to keep an eye on what the employees of an organization are doing on the computer. This key logger software is not only used on computers but it is also used on smart phones. And without your knowledge your smartphone activity, your photos, your mobile messages and phone calls can easily be taken by anyone through keylogger.

Uses of Key-Logger:

It is used by cybercriminals/hackers as a spyware tool to steal personal information, login information/various online accounts and social media login information.

Many suspicious couples set up this key logger to keep all their partner’s information without their partner’s knowledge. In this case, they use a mobile key logger through which they can easily see what their partner is doing on their phone through call logs, message logs, gallery pictures, and live screen records.

Many parents set up key loggers on their children’s computers to monitor their children’s movements, to know what sites they are visiting on the computer, whether they are watching anything bad, who they are chatting with, how long they are chatting.

Also, various large organizations use key loggers on their computers to record the activities of a company’s employees, or to prevent company information theft and company security.

We often go to cyber cafes to do some work related to our necessary papers, mails, passwords. There we may sometimes need to log-in to different accounts. Imagine you sit in a cyber cafe, log into your Facebook account on a computer there, and do some other work. Logged out your account after work. A few hours later when you go to log back into your account, you see that the password is incorrect. It means your account is hacked. What happened here is that someone has already installed a software based keylogger or installed a hardware based keylogger on the cybercafe computer where you logged in your account. As a result, when you were typing your password, it was recorded by the keylogger. That is why you should not login to your personal account from a stranger’s computer.

Some popular keyloggers are:

FEA Keylogger

It is usually uploaded in developer mode as an extension to the Chrome browser. And after uploading it, each of your online accounts where login details are required by typing keystrokes is stored in the extension history and anyone can steal your user information through this extension keylogger.

What is ZLOGGER?

ZLogger is one of the Python-based keyloggers. The main feature of this tool is to create a permanent keylogger for Windows and Linux operating systems. It starts with a system startup. It captures each key strobe and sends a report via email to ATTACKER.
It is very easy to create a Linux server, usually it can be created by cloning it in Kali Linux and the file created by running Apache server can be downloaded from any computer and as soon as it is downloaded, the key logger starts working and the created through email. Did the stroke information keep coming to him.

Refog Personal Monitor: https://www.refog.com/
Elite Keylogger: https://www.elitekeyloggers.com/
Spyrix Keylogger: http://www.spyrix.com/
Kidlogger: https://kidlogger.net/

Ways to stay safe from keyloggers:

  • Be sure to use a good antivirus. For those who use Windows, Windows Defender is an excellent option. Be sure to keep your Windows updated and keep Windows Defender turned on.
  • Before opening any link, attachment or similar, make sure it is safe. You should not download anything from an unknown website, in this case Rat or Keylogger can be automatically installed on the computer and can send all the information to the attacker automatically.
  • Avoid sharing your personal information on other people’s computers as much as possible.
  • Before using a computer in a cyber cafe or any institution and inputting your personal information, check if any device is installed. Also if we go to the startup option from Tax Manager we can see if there are any unusual programs running in the background that I am not aware of. In that case we can End Now that program. Also, you should never log into your account in a cyber cafe unless absolutely necessary.
  • Delete your information when you are done with the cyber cafe. Also remove from Trash.
  • Create strong passwords when inputting passwords.
  • Since the key-logger captures stroke information, we can use a virtual keyboard.



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