As per a recent survey, there is an active audience of 2.41 billion users who use Facebook monthly, so as per the survey there is no better platform for marketing than Facebook.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook is the best platform that allows businesses as well as individuals to market their products and services to the available users. In Facebook marketing, there are various strategies where your product or service can reach the final consumer through organic strategies and targeted strategies for e.g. paid ads. Mostly, businesses or an individual start with organic posting which helps them to reach customers and also to make them aware of their product or service, once the audience is familiar, the most important step is paid or targeted ads.

Using Facebook Pages

The most important part is setting up a Facebook business page, which is the same as your personal profile, but this page is used to promote your business or brand.  This Facebook page conveys your business information like product, service, goal, value, mission, vision, etc…The user will like or follow your page then they will receive all the updates and notifications about your service, but to improve the visibility of your product and service they should make use of view posts first this will help to boost organic and paid ads. Another important thing about Facebook is that currently has a limit of 5,000 friends on its Facebook personal profile. But, there is no such limitation when you are setting up Facebook marketing through a page. An unlimited number of people can like and follow you. Now most important thing is to do organic posting and it should be attractive and eye-catchy

Setting Up Facebook Marketing Pages

Most businesses failed to utilize the business pages fully, the main reason for not setting up Facebook profiles attractive. A few steps need to be followed to make it attractive or eye-catching.

Cover Image and Profile Picture

If you observe that today’s generation talks more about brands, the profile picture should be the company logo, eye-catching, and attractive. However, having a logo clearly means that your brand is having an identity in digital media. Similarly, the cover page should be something attractive and need to change every time as per convenience. The most important thing in a Facebook business profile is the cover and the profile picture is very important as they make your services and products visible to the users.

About the CompanyIn the about section of the company where the user will see detailed information about the company, just remember to keep it short simple, and point-to-point. However, add detailed content in the description section, that how you offer great services and important facts about your products.

Posting is very important as the user can come to know more about your services or product, and these posts are only visible to the people who follow or like your page. So need to do posting every day with images, hashtags, and website links. The content should not be more than 200 words

Statistics are nothing but the insights of your Facebook post where you can understand the users like their demographics, age, gender, etc.

Types of Facebook Posts

In Facebook marketing posting is the main function, because of it, you can reach a targeted audience, and also there will be brand visibility. There are various types of Facebook posting which are mentioned below.

Image Posts
Image posting is very important as it increases engagement by 3x. An image posting it should be designed by a professional graphic designer. So as audiences are growing try to use creative ones so the user will have a positive impact. The most important thing is the image’s preferred size.

  • The profile picture size should be 180×180.
  • The cover picture size should be 820×312.
  • And the timeline size picture should be 1200×630.

Links Posts

Posting blog links on your Facebook marketing page is another great strategy. A simple way is to copy the link of an article or blog and paste it into a text box on your Facebook page. This will help the user to know more about products and services.

Video Posts
The best way to engage the user is through video posts because videos tell the story, so they prefer to watch instead of read. Most important in a video you must add proper tags, titles, and posts and choose the right thumbnail. And also you can run polls alongside videos.

Facebook Live

Facebook live is similar to video marketing. However, it has got some additional features. The best way to get connect with their audience is Facebook live many marketers are using.


The above article shows that social media will play important role in digital marketing. If you want to learn more about in and out of social media then highly recommend joining the best as Digital Trainee.

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