Squarespace is a simple and effective CMS that will help you create and manage a website or an online store effortlessly. It offers many templates, fonts and COLOR palettes to help you personalize the site effectively. You get all the TOOLS you need to build the site as well as market it. That is, Squarespace has a variety of tools within it to integrate any feature. However, their limitation is that they do not allow any third-party plugins or apps on their platform.

Squarespace’s builder, template:

Also, you will be able to get started very easily as you can choose a template of your choice and follow the instructions directly. Squarespace has an excellent builder that lets you easily create websites with drag-and-drop, and you can use a free trial without using your credit card.

Squarespace Website Responsiveness:

Squarespace is doing a lot of work towards perfecting the design. Conceptualized by designers, templates make Squarespace stand out from other competitors. All templates will look great on mobile, desktop and tab devices i.e. designs will be auto responsive. Also, whatever templates are used, the templates are responsive. Besides, you can easily change the website’s outlook by editing the CSS website as you like.

Responsive Image Loader Whenever you upload an image file, SquareSpace automatically creates a set of images at different scales. The appropriate size image file is loaded depending on the user’s device, which is not observed in other CMSs.

Squarespace’s COLOR PALETTE:

One of the new updates to Squarespace is it’s site style function. It allows you to create a custom and consistent look for your entire site by applying fonts, colors, animations, spacing and other types of tweaks. That is, they have created different types of theme palettes, so you can easily design a website using any color palette on your website.

This allows you to choose a font pack and set the font PALETTE for your entire website’s TITLE, PARAGRAPH and BUTTON and adjust where it appears throughout your site. You can have separate SECTION and style for each section separately.

Squarespace Website Speed ​​Optimization:

Since Square is a SELF HOSTED platform, SPEED optimization does not require any special work. Speed ​​is optimized within their platform. A fast loading website can be easily achieved if only we optimize the images. Squarespace provides a free CDN (Content Delivery Network) to ensure speed optimization.

Squarespace PRICING

Squarespace offers 4 simple PRICING CATEGORISES for different business needs. Rates will differ based on whether you are on an annual or monthly plan


  • Personal – $12
  • Business – $18
  • Basic Commerce – $26
  • Advanced Commerce – $40


  • Personal – $16
  • Business – $26
  • Basic Commerce – $35
  • Advanced Commerce – $54

Squarespace Website Functionality:

Squarespace has built-in tools for any website function. Such as membership, pricing, donation, website forms, payment gateway, e-commerce functionality, shipping, coupons, etc. However, it is not possible to provide many features of Squarespace due to the fact that no third-party tool/APP can be integrated.

Squarespace ECOMMERCE:

Squarespace platform is an excellent platform for building any e-commerce website. Because it is very easy to upload products, payment gateway integration, shipping and tax configuration is also very easy. Besides, their template includes WIDGET to SHOW the products on the website.

The website can be divided into different categories. And space e-commerce website has a separate SHOP page where all products can be displayed by category. Also, best selling products, new products, SALE products can be easily identified and divided into different categories and displayed on the website. Also, how much money is being bought and sold every day, how many customers shopped on my website every day, how much money is being bought and sold in a month can be easily seen through a DASHBOARD. Also, inventory management and marketing of products can be easily done on the Squarespace platform.

Squarespace Customer Support:

Squarespace’s premium subscription offers excellent customer support. They provide excellent support for any design, domain connect, name server related issues. The best thing is that they provide one-on-one customer support i.e. a dedicated customer manager is assigned to you.

Squarespace Domain Connect:

Since Squarespace is a SELF HOSTED CMS, the website design has to be done on their own platform, and after adding various features, the website can be transferred to a custom domain when the complete website design is completed. Domains can also be taken from Squarespace and domains from any other platform can be connected to Squarespace. In this case, the website will be transferred to the new domain only if the custom name server is connected to Squarespace. Also excellent customer support is available for connecting domains.

Squarespace SEO

Squarespace platform has their own tools for doing SEO, they have their own tools to do i.e. the Squarespace platform tool itself suggests what to do for onpage SEO optimization before submitting the website to Google. In other words, what needs to be done for on-page optimization of each page, including providing keywords, titles, meta descriptions of the website, is known from the Squarespace platform and SEO work can be done easily. Finally the website has to be submitted to Google Search Console.

All in all it can be said that the Squarespace platform is an excellent CMS for any new website designer. However, their builders are very powerful for building websites on other CMS and any feature can be added by getting various third-party app entries, in that case Squarespace is a bit behind, but for their pricing plan and customer support, they create any small business or agency website. A unique platform to.

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