There are various types of problems that WordPress websites often face. Identify the problem and solve it.

Newbies often face such problems and often post solutions. But if you know this process, you will understand how to solve it yourself.

The process of identifying the problem and solving it is called troubleshooting in technical language.

There are many steps to troubleshooting a WordPress website. Sometimes core knowledge of WordPress, coding skills are also required but at developer level; Not going that way.

Today I’ll show you how to do a one-step troubleshooting that’s easy and anyone can do this approach.

What is Troubleshooting

While working on wordpress or after updating it suddenly found that the website could not be visited. But, login to WordPress dashboard is fine.

In this case, I will see how to find out where the problem is coming from in WordPress.

How to troubleshoot?

Two methods can be done. With a manual and a plugin: Plugin name: Health Check & Troubleshooting (By- The community)

Install -> Activate.

Then you will see a new option called Health Check if you mouse over the ‘Tools’ menu on the left side of WordPress Dashboard. If you click on it, you will first see the overall Site Health Status.

Here the plugin will give some recommendations. These recommendations are good for fulfillment sites.

Status, Info, Troubleshooting, Tools, you will see tabs like this above.

From there, click on the Troubleshooting tab and click Enable Troubleshooting Mode, the troubleshooting mode will become active.

WordPress defaults to exactly what it is when you first install it. You will be prompted to install a default theme, do so.

In this case, visit the homepage. If it can be browsed then maybe there is a problem with your theme or plugin.

Step-by-step problem identification

Now, we will identify the problem step by step. That’s why you can see the Troubleshooting Mode option at the top of the WordPress admin bar or toolbar.

If you hold the mouse there again, you will see 3 options: Themes, Plugins, Disable Troubleshooting Mode.

Disable Troubleshooting Mode to exit troubleshooting.


Switch to the theme you had from Then browse the site again. Are there any problems?

Sometimes the browser keeps cache so it can show the previous state.

For this try browsing in guest user or incognito mode of the browser. It is best to delete the history cache of the browser.

Also press Ctrl + f5 several times to see the correct one.
Note: [If the problem cannot be identified after going through the entire process with your installed theme first, switch to the default theme.

Try visiting 2-3 browsers during the process. ] If you see a problem with your theme, you should check whether your theme plugin has the latest version of the theme. If it’s from ThemeForest, check the comments there to see if anyone else has faced this issue. If you look at the theme author’s reply, you may find the solution.


Enable plugins one by one and browse the homepage.

When you see the problem after activating that plugin, then disable that plugin again. In this way, you have to check the plugins one by one.

Since we are doing the work with the help of plugins, plugins allow us to do this process easily. Which is time consuming and boring to do manually. You have to work with a cool head.

Now the only problem is that the plugin activates all other plugins except this one. Please visit again. If everything is fine, that plugin is CallPrint.

Then the problem was identified. Now do a google search on this specific plugin to see if others have posted any issues with it recently and how it was resolved.

Once the solution is found, click Disable Troubleshooting Mode to exit troubleshooting.

Probable cause

Maybe, the plugin is of old version and the theme is of updated version that’s causing the problem. Otherwise, it can be the opposite. Or, the plugin is conflicting with the plugin.

If the WordPress dashboard can be accessed then only this method will work otherwise it has to be done manually from c-panel or file explorer is another topic.

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