6 Effective Preparation Strategies for Students to Perform Better in Exams

A common question to a college professor is “How can I prepare for my exam?” and the answer commonly offered is “Read the textbook carefully with an eye towards learning the important point in the text. Make use of the notes that I have given. Relate what we are covering in the class to what we already know. Make sure that you understand the key points when you read the notes or the textbook and you will be prepared for the type of test I give.”
After hearing this response, the student might mimic the John Astin’s Gomez character from the Addams Family television series “And now, you know”. Of course, the conclusion is that the professor’s recommendation was impossible to implement effectively. Sometimes it becomes difficult to relate the information in the text and the information presented in class.
Exams carry their own stress level, and this stress is compounded when you are not prepared. This is one of the biggest reasons most students drop out of college, thus, ending up with crippling debts.
Below are 6 effective steps that can make your exams period stress free

Take good care of your health

Your health should always be your first priority. You cannot take the risk of avoiding your health amid the pressure of your exams. Bad health can have a bad effect on your answer sheet. Healthy eating and physical activity can be an excellent resource to maintain your health.

You should focus to eat healthy food that will feed your brain in a good way. The food you eat has a direct impact on the functioning of your brain. Adding toxicity to your brain such as stress could deteriorate its functioning and can result in bad performance. You should consume omega-rich diets as they are the superstars of your brain.

Practice old questionnaires

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Practicing at least 5 years of the question paper should be mandatory before you get to write the main examination. It proves to be beneficial for you. It gives you an idea about the questions that are going to be asked in the examination.

If for some reason you feel that you have not prepared the entire syllabus then question paper solving can be an ultimate solution for you to get good grades. You can score up to 70% of marks. Always solve the paper by setting a timer, it will also improve your speed.
“Focus on the solution, not on the problem” � Jim Rohn

Take charge of your time

Understand that you have to control your time. You shouldn’t let the time control you. A to-do list can be incredibly productive in your life. Writing things down can manage your stress level as by writing you prepare your brain to do the tasks. Crossing the tasks on your to-do list gives you a sense of satisfaction that makes your brain release the chemical dopamine which makes you feel good.

It’s a great way to save your time. Planning for 15 minutes can save an hour of execution. Without planning, you tend to make mistakes. As a student, you should always plan your whole day the night before. You should write the chapters and tests you have to complete. This makes a huge difference in your performance.

Use the same pen

This is a piece of advice that only some of you may know. A teacher once told his students before a board exam to use the same pen 2 months before the main exam, and surprisingly, this advice worked wonders as there was a significant improvement in the general performance of the students.

You should use the same pen 2 months before your examination. It improves your speed to write effectively in your exams.
Most of the students complain that they didn’t get enough time to complete their whole exam. This can be a solution for you. You can improve your speed by writing with the same pen 2 months before and during the exams.

A study from your notes

Notes are the most important aspect of the life of a student. Your brains consist of lots of information that wanders here and there. By maintaining notes of your study material, you can prevent the brain from getting confused as notes give the exact point.

It’s not about writing each and everything that you are taught. It’s about maintaining a glimpse of everything.
Studying from your notes can help you recall the earlier taught materials and can contribute to your better preparation.

Overview of the text before actually learning

You should learn to read the overall text before actually learning it. In this way, you will get some idea of the important topics you have to cover. When you read a text, you get an overview of the topics in that text which will help you learn it faster.


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