In this era of digitization, having a website has become a prerequisite for all businesses. Irrespective of the business size, every business owner wants the website to be ranked on top of the SERP. It is a known fact that websites listed on the second page of search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) are likely to drive less traffic. To rank on the top page of search results, businesses are investing a great amount of time and money in boosting the SEO of their website.

Several factors tend to influence the SEO of a website. However, one of the key factors that would immediately boost your SEO rankings is a speedy and smooth functioning website. Users nowadays look forward to a fast and secure website. Therefore, search engines are not going to display websites that aren’t. The parameter that positively influences the speed, security, and reliability of a website is the web hosting service provider. Hire the best SEO Consulting Services in Dubai to improve your SEO rankings.

Here is how hosting can affect your SEO results:

  • Website speed – If you opt for a low-quality web hosting company, chances are the website may have a slow load time. Apart from contributing to poor UX, a slow website will not be optimized by search engines, lowering the SERP rankings.

An efficient web host will offer seamless networking configuration. And won’t host several websites on the same server, causing the website to run faster. It is also important to remove obsolete scripts, compress images and eradicate third-party widgets that are not in use to optimize pages for faster web speed.

  • Server downtime – If the website suffers from frequent server downtimes, it is a primary indication of a non-reliable web host. Google and other search engines will flag it as untrustworthy. It not only affects the overall performance of a website but also lowers its SEO and SERP.

When the website is unavailable, it accounts for an unpleasant user experience. Subsequently, your prospective customers will simply slip off to your competitors. Thus, it is imperative to opt for a good hosting service that assures 99.99% to 100% uptime.

  • Data connection issues – A message such as ‘Database connection failed’ or ‘Internal server error’ indicates that the site is facing issues accessing the required files for displaying content to the users. It usually occurs when too many users are trying for database access. Good hosting ensures servers don’t get over-crowded.

It allows for files to be cached on alternate servers. And pages in demand can be offloaded so that traffic to the database is reduced. Moving to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or exclusive server is also one way to gain reliability and durability.

  • Shared hosting with spammers – If you opt for shared hosting, it means your website would be on the same server as several other websites. If any of these websites are run by fraudsters or spammers, the IP address would be labeled as malicious. It can drastically affect the search engine rankings of your website. A good web host provider will expel the spammers from their servers, mitigating the risk.

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